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Serving the purpose one step at a time.

Sol-Nav Network Programs

Sol-Nav Network - Celestial Positioning & Navigation, Anomalous Monitoring & Communications Related Technologies

   We intend to offer a wide variety of unparalleled observational, navigational and communications networking service capabilities through our series of Sol-Nav Network technologies and service development programs to serve humanity as its first Sol-system-wide infrastructure.

As we enter the first generational boom of the emerging private off-Earth marketplace, the stability and reliability of humanity's observational, navigational and communications service capabilities will dictate the pace of progress, and magnitude of successes, for all other future off-Earth endeavors. Our capabilities to both independently, and collectively, translate and transmit such observational inputs into actionable data outputs throughout all of our off-Earth endeavors will further dictate the pace of progress of those endeavors for many generations to come.

To ensure we will meet and/or exceed these service capability demands - our series of Sol-Nav Network service elements will be built upon our standard Sol-Nav chassis frames wherein - each will house a series of dedicated service elements, and emergency supplies. These 

service elements and supplies will allow each satellite unit within the synchronized orbiting Sol-Nav Network to double as local area orbiting emergency support outpost hubs. The intention in this emergency support service concept is - to greatly expand the scope of safe access to a variety of vital observational services, emergency supplies and emergency response services and resources - to greatly advance the general potential safety ratings of all off-Earth operations throughout our solar system.

   We will provide additional "Targeted Monitoring and Scanning" service capabilities (such as: targeted remote prospecting, targeted "UTO" (Unidentified Traversing Object) tracking, scanning and identification, deep field monitoring, etc.) as our series of commercial services wherein - those clients will be able to uniformly study, forecast and understand the complex matrix of natural resources, interactive processes and observational opportunities that our solar system (and beyond) has to offer us from one or more of their own preferred locations with the use of any number of Sol-Nav Network synchronized viewpoints and observational scanning options to record, study and observe them with in real time.

Sol-Nav Network Unit Types, Service Elements & Configurations Concepts

  • Sol-Nav Unit Series A: Sol-Nav Network Calibration & Solar Monitoring Units
  • Sol-Nav Unit Series B: Inner Sol-system Bound Units
  • Sol-Nav Unit Series C: Outer Sol-system Bound Units
  • Sol-Nav Unit Series A/B - Supplemental Supply, Maintenance & Repair TOV's & ROV's
  • Sol-Nav Unit Series C - Supplemental Supply, Maintenance & Repair TOV's & ROV's

Sol-Nav Network Distribution Concepts

   Each of the B and C Series Units of the Sol-Nav Network are intended to be distributed throughout the Sol-system within ~25Mil miles of at least its nearest four sister units. Each A Series unit (traveling at a distance of 50Mil miles from the mean center of our sun on each zero axis point intersection) will use the real time position and movements of our Sun, and its neighboring Sol-Nav Network sister units, as the observational tools to facilitate the network's method of routinely dialing in on, and maintaining, each unit's position within the Sol-Nav Network and Sol-system.