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Serving the purpose one step at a time.

Midway Arena Network Concepts

   RFCINCo' Midway Arena Network is being developed to be humanity' very first exclusive off-world sporting and entertainment events venue network.

Each Midway Arena is intended to offer an extensive variety of hosting services for a plethora of micro-G and 0g event types to the greater expanding off-world marketplace as it grows. We plan to construct new Midway Arena facilities to go along with every new major off-world settlement humanity brings to life to create the expansive entertainment network we know it will one day become.

The first Midway Arena will be located within one of the Lagrangian points in the surrounding cislunar space wherein, its design is being suited to a wide variety of event types that could take full advantage of the unique micro-G and 0g environmental characteristics of the specific Lagrangian point that its large open 3D space is orbitally stalled in.

The Standard Midway Arena field will feature a massive 200 x 150 x 120 yard internal area with a negative scalene ellipsoid internal structure that will appear like a squashed pill from the inside.

Extensive manned and unmanned media stalls and spectator areas will ring the central internal area of our Midway Arena. This will allow both local, and remote, audiences to capture and share every second, and every angle, of every sound and every move made on the Midway Arena field. Our dedicated and extensive media recording and broadcasting services will allow our on-site spectator-audiences and media service providers to comprehensively share each event with the world and beyond!

To further support a greater variety of potential events they could play host to -each Midway Arena will also maintain caches of a large variety of standard customization assemblies and resources -to support on-board production operations that will further support event coordinators with the option to produce custom hardware inclusions for each of their events. This will allow them to temporarily remake the internal spaces of the facility to suit their specific needs and desires for every event they conduct on board.

Either "end" of the arena will have an unique "endzone-like" area that creative events developers can utilize to create a whole new world of unique competitive sporting, convention and entertainment events for the audiences of the world and beyond to watch and enjoy.

Performers, presenters, sports teams and athletes of all types will also have the opportunity to utilize the large open internal space as they see fit with a nearly endless amount of area-customization options -to temporarily outfit the arena to their unique event-specific performance needs.

The supporting structure of the Midway Arena is also being designed to offer a wide variety of standardized off-field/back stage spaces including but, not limited to; commercial concession spaces, housing and lifestyle accommodations, dining spaces, on site business/office spaces and more of the like along with -a variety of port operations facilities such as; personnel and cargo docking and reception ports, internal and external resources storage ports, EVA ports, waste management and reclamation facilities, life support services facilities and more.