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Serving the purpose one step at a time.

Easy Fit Programs

Welcome to RFCINCo's Easy Fit Programs.

This is our outreach home for all of our medical support and assisted living product development Programs.

These programs represent our mission to provide a variety of uniquely designed affordable medical support and assisted living product solutions for a host of quality of life limiting disabilities that many people suffer from. We aspire to provide our unique plethora of products to help as many disabled individuals as we can to improve their overall quality of life through all of what we do and have to offer.

Our goal in these programs are to work to provide our unique host of medical support and assisted living product solutions for as many of the difficulties a variety of disabled individuals experience in their daily lives because, we believe everyone should have the ability to live as happy and fulfilling a life as is possible no matter their disabilities.

The Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Brace Product Line:

   The Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Brace Product Line began as a personal mission of RFCINCo's owner to help resolve a chronic medical issue that someone close to him was experiencing due to their nasal cannulas continuously twisting, crimping and eventually experiencing hairline splitting along the junction of the hose connections of the nasal cannula. This lead to chronic failures of the cannula to provide the oxygen they needed to maintain their quality of life during their routine use. This in turn lead to them routinely experiencing chronic oxygen deprivation and hypoxia symptoms that, lead to them requiring routine emergency medical care without the means to adequately resolve these issues with their nasal cannulas.

And so, RFCINCo's owner began his personal mission to find an adequate solution for this issue resulting in the first iteration of the Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Brace product line, the Basic Nasal Cannula Brace design. Once the initial cannula brace design proved to be a viable solution for the structural issues of the common nasal cannula they were using, the need for frequent emergency medical interventions was greatly reduced and the quality of life of that individual was vastly improved. Yet, other issues with the first design were noticed that, he saw could be resolved with further work to improve on that design.

The Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Brace design was the result of that work. Once this design proved its usefulness, it was suggested by several individuals that it was a product worth offering to the general public as a solution that all nasal cannula users could benefit from. Since then, two variants of that design have resulted.

The Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Brace

Our Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Brace is the much improved version of our original basic nasal cannula brace. Our nasal cannula braces are designed to reduce crimping and twisting of nasal cannula junctions for O2 condenser users.

The Easy Fit version features much smoother contoured corners and edges to eliminate discomfort during prolonged

use, with a slimmed down frame for reduced weight - to improve its level of comfort to use. Altogether, we think these improvements also increase the esthetic appeal over our original basic nasal cannula brace.

The Easy Fit Mini Nasal Cannula Brace

Our Easy Fit Mini Nasal Cannula Brace is the same in design and purpose as our larger adult sized Easy Fit Nasal Cannula Braces with a 4/5ths scaled reduction in weight and size that, provides for a more comfortable fit for smaller/younger nasal cannula users.

Our Easy Fit Mini also offers a more cost efficient version of our nasal cannula brace line so, more cannula users in need can better afford this potentially life-saving product.