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Serving the purpose one step at a time.

   Infinitely inspired, and profoundly influenced, by humanity's exponentially growing off-Earth exploration, and exploitation, prospects -RFCINCo has been in development since the summer of 1985 by its founder, owner and CEO William L. Gibson -and- was legally established in the summer of 2005 with aspirations to one day become a comprehensive "Commercial-space" infrastructure development and support service company.

The mission of the RFCINCo entity is -to create a robust off-Earth commercial exploration support infrastructure that will enable us to assist all of humanity's endeavors to establish a collective sustainable off-Earth marketplace through the developments of our own body of programs, products and services.

We aim to fill in the gaps of our current off-earth support infrastructure with an in-depth series of framework development and management programs along with our support products and services. Our programs, products and services will offer a wide variety of consumers many new opportunities and approaches to explore the possibilities of developing affordable, and sustainable, off-world habitation & commercial development opportunities throughout the global culture.

Visit "Our Programs" section to learn more about our family of programs, and the extensive series of products and services we will offer through them, to assist humanity's endeavors to establish the means to live and work throughout our solar system (and beyond) indefinitely.

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Celestial Industries Networking


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Mr. William L. Gibson


Denton, TX - USA


(301) 842-7129