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Serving the purpose one step at a time.

A&A-TranServ Programs

   A&A-TranServ is RFCINCo's Aeronautical & Astronautical Transportation Service Infrastructure Development and Management Division.

A&A-TranServ oversees all of our spaceflight programs with the primary objective to establish a new paradigm in safety, reliability and cost-effective options for all our off-Earth transportation products and services.

Sol-Trans Network Programs

The Sol-Trans Network, in conjunction with our Sol-Nav Network Programs is our answer to how we can provide a better way for our civilization to begin stretching out across the Sol-system with confidence. Our Sol-Trans Network body of products and services are intended to collectively provide safe, reliable, routine off-world mass cargo and personnel transportation and delivery services for all markets.

New-space Markets:

Many private new-space entities are pioneering a variety of new opportunities to get us off-Earth for far cheaper and easier than ever before. With a focus on reusable rockets and space planes, these endeavors will most likely pave the way for many others to find the means to take route in the emerging off-Earth marketplace.

So far, they've proven they can get us to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). They plan on taking us further. But, to do so, they will need to accomplish a lot more than just getting to LEO.

The Sol-Trans Network is the answer! 

The Sol-Trans Network will offer a variety of space-bound transportation relaying services using our series of Sol-Trans Shuttle Carriers to ferry cargo and passengers from any orbit to any orbit for far cheaper, and safer than any of our competitors will be capable of offering.

Our Sol-Trans Shuttle Carriers will provide a variety of in-transit habitation modules that will allow our passengers to make the most of their time in space whether they're preparing for arrival to their intended destination or they're just there to enjoy the ride.

0g Modules:

Our 0g modules will allow our Sol-Trans Shuttle Carriers to support a variety of cargo freighting options including ones that take advantage of the unique environmental characteristics maintained within the Shuttle Carrier structure absence of gravity.

Our Sol-Trans Shuttle Carriers will also support a variety of 0g activities environments for our clients to make use of, for work or play, during their stay on board. Many of our zero gravity environments will even support a variety of extravehicular access ports for our clients to make use of.

Several of these 0g spaces will serve as the docking bays for each of our client's shuttles allowing them unrestricted access to their shuttles as they see fit while, some will serve as simple bulk freight storage/hanger bay spaces.

Sim-g Modules:

Each of our Sol-Trans Shuttle Carriers will also support multiple simulated gravity environments for our passengers to take advantage of.

First and foremost, the health and safety of our personnel and passengers is our priority. That is why our health and housing facilities will be provided within our sim-g spaces to help our personnel and passengers offset many of the detrimental effects of long duration space flight -and- maintain good health throughout their journeys with us.

Our sim-g environments will afford us the option to provide housing accommodations likened to Earth's modern oceanic cruise liner industry with the compliments of the open expanse of our space-bound travel-ways as the backdrop to every passenger's journey on board one of our Sol-Trans Shuttle Carriers.