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Serving the purpose one step at a time.

Our Purpose:

   At RFCINCo, we are committed to improving the standard quality of life for all of humanity, to reducing/reversing the detrimental ecologic impacts of humanity on the world -and- to settle the cosmos in practical and sustainable ways in the process.

We offer the next generation of practical independent sustainable living options to the consumer marketplace with our continuously expanding unique 3D print product libraries and services. Sales generated from these products help us gear up for all of our off-Earth civil, commercial & industrial development programs for future service in the emerging celestial marketplace.

Each of our programs are focused on closing the sustainability loop for individuals and communities alike while, offering the next generation of affordable space-bound employment, settlement/colonization & comprehensive infrastructure development opportunities to the general public.

Our ever-expanding library of unique 3D printable products and remote support services are focused on serving the areas of;

- Assisted living/medical support technologies,

- Ambient energy technologies and energy independence,

- Micro-farming/agriculture & permaculture,

- Aerospace, Spaceflight, Off-world Transportation & Colonization,

- Satellite communications & observational technologies,

- Off-Earth marketplace development,

and more.

- Visit "Our Programs" pages to check out the latest with what we've got going on in each field. Click on any of our program icons to learn more about each of our focal initiatives, and, what their latest progress updates are.

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Ambient Energy, Sustainable Living & Assisted Living: